A Few Basic Guidelines For Taking Care Of Beautiful Roses

Roses can be prickly, but they sure can be beautiful. They are some of the most beautiful flowers out there, and don’t you need some for your garden. Maybe you just planted some roses, and you would like some gardening tips to keep them in full bloom. Roses aren’t the easiest to grow, but they sure are worth it in terms of making your landscape beautiful. Check out these rose gardening tips that will help you out.

Have you heard of how bananas can help roses? That may sound funny, but it’s supposed to be true. Bananas are good to eat, and they can be good for roses. It’s the banana peel that you are actually going to use when caring of your rose garden. You can chop the banana peels up and plant them in the soil where your roses are located. It’s all about the extra phosphorous. You can also blend the peels before planting them if you like.

Something else that is said to help is alfalfa. Do you have any alfalfa? If not, pick up some with those bananas that you are putting on your grocery list. The alfalfa also provides phosphorous for your roses, and it give your roses iron, calcium and nitrogen, too. You can use alfalfa tea if that’s the way you want to do it, or you can just use a cup of alfalfa itself. It is important to note that when you are working with miniature roses, you want to be sure that you use a half cup of alfalfa and not a whole cup.

Where you plant roses is also important. The roses need their sun, and so location should be considered. Not only that, but soil conditions need to be considered. You can always work on the soil of course, especially with the above mentioned tips. What about watering them?

When it comes to watering roses, you want to be sure that you aren’t doing it too frequently. At the same time, you also want to make sure that you are watering your roses deeply. Taking care of roses seems like an art, doesn’t it? They do require special care, and as a matter of fact, some people say that roses like music, specifically classical music. If you want a suggestion, Beethoven is a good one.

Roses also like mulch. The type of mulch you choose can also be important, but the fact that you are going to use organic mulch is a good start. When it comes to applying the mulch, shoot for a two to three inch layer of mulch around the roses. Mulching around your roses can help prevent disease.

Now that you have these tips concerning caring for roses, you can confidently get to work. Plant those rose bushes with pride, knowing they are going to look so good in full bloom. Once they start blooming, you will have visitors to your home asking you for advice about taking care of roses. Now isn’t that something?


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