TEDxOaklandUniversity Agenda


Registration and Check-in

7:30 – 7:45am

TEDxLabs Experience


Get there at 8am! Wander around our interactive lab exhibits. “Ride” a roller coaster with Oculus Rift Virtual Reality. Draw a photo with light. Learn about and try your hand at fencing. Add your talent to our collective art project. Plus drones, robots, organic farmers, and so much more!

Morning Session


President Hynd, Welcome Address
Trevor Anulewicz, The Rise of Design and Its Unseen Enemy
Ron Kagan, Animal Welfare and the Future of Zoos
Mark Ostach, Is Your Phone Turning You Into An Adrenaline Junkie?
Amy Morin, Letting Go of What Holds You Back
Take Root Dance Performance, Connecting Through Take Root
Neil Rockind, JD, “The Joy of the Jury”
Dr. Lisa L. M. Welling, The Influence Of Testosterone On Romantic Partner Preferences
PJ Jacokes and Gerald Knight, Comedy/Improv Performance

Lunch/TEDxLabs Experience Part 2


Afternoon Session


DocAppella Musical Performance, Med students make music!
Gregg Garrett, Are You Brave Enough to Connect?
Alex Ruthmann, Designing Technologies for Creative Expression with and for Kids
Dr. Kim Serota, Why People Lie
Marina Morris, 60 Second Story
Dr. Richard Stamps, Dealing with China. How to Peel a Banana?
Ara Topouzian, Guardians of Music: Armenian Music in Detroit, 100 Years Later
Anne Ruthmann, What Would You Attempt If You Knew You Could Not Fail?
Intrigue, Hip Hop Dance Performance
Elaina Farnsworth, Enjoy the Ride. An Improved Way to Think About Vehicles
PJ Jacokes and Gerald Knight, Comedy/Improv Performance

Closing Remarks


Please note, times are approximate and the agenda/speakers are subject to change.