Educational and Interactive Labs


Camp Casey

Camp Casey is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing horseback rides and other outdoor activities to children with cancer.

!3 Detroit

!3 Detroit is a non-profit workshop where one can rent tools and space to create whatever the heart desires. This year you’ll be able to see some of the robots they’ve built.


Skypersonic is a manufacturer of high-quality consumer and mobile electronics. At TEDx OU, they will feature their indoor drone display.

Mimi’s Munchies

Mimi’s Munchies is a local business begun by the innovative Tamika Lang that delivers fresh, tasty, and healthy foods right to the doorstep of metro Detroiters.

British at Heart club

British at Heart club is a student-run organization here at OU. At their lab, you can contribute to Beyond Basic’s “Read to Rise” Tutoring program to help young people improve their reading skills.

300 Medical

300 Medical is a clinical facility that teaches ambulatory care. They’ll explain how they’re improving patient education in the waiting room with perfectly-timed info and an iPad.

La Pittura

La Pittura is an OU organization for students interested Art and Art History. They’ll be displaying an interactive art project which all TEDx attendees can contribute to.

OU’s Fencing Society

OU’s Fencing Society will allow guests to participate in an actual fencing demonstration with electronic equipment.

OU INCubator

OU INCubator supports new businesses and encourages research into advanced technology. They’ll be displaying some of the technology from their start-up companies and associates.

Maker Club at OU

Maker Club at OU is a robotics organization that will be hosting the Oculus Rift table for attendees to try out.

Lynn Bennett-Carpenter

Lynn Bennett-Carpenter is an artist from Cranbrook who uses her fascinating weavings to support art in Africa. TEDx attendees can interact with the weavings to make a collective piece.

The American Red Cross

The American Red Cross student org at OU will be giving CPR demonstrations on new tecniques and will recruit guests to sign up as blood donors.

OU Student Organic Farmers

OU Student Organic Farmers will have a display on the importance of organic farming and how students can get involved with farming on campus.

Professor Judith Fouladbakhs

Professor Judith Fouladbakhs, PhD. from OU’s School of Nursing will host a lab on holistic nursing, Healing Touch, Reflexology, Reiki and how yoga can be beneficial to lung cancer patients.

Windmill Pointe Brewing Company

Windmill Pointe Brewing Company is a local Detroit brewery. At their lab, one can watch as beer is created using pedal-powered bikes and nothing but renewable resources.

The Baldwin Center

The Baldwin Center is a non-profit program that donates books to children to improve literacy. Guests can write a “literacy letter” which will be placed inside the donated books and given to young readers in Pontiac, Michigan.

Nola-Rae Cronan

Nola-Rae Cronan, an educator at Cranbrook, will be hosting a lab on using TED Talks in the classroom.

Nicolle Noel

Nicolle Noel is a local artist who is the creator of the Bello Box. Attendees are asked to pose in the darkened box for an amazing photograph with fluorescent lights.

Michigan State Police

Michigan State Police will host a lab featuring their “Texting-While-Driving” simulator to show just how dangerous it really is.