TEDxOaklandUniversity Team

TEDxOaklandUniversity took many months of hard work, and a lot of committed people to make it successful. We could not bring you this exceptional experience without the talent and time from this dedicated team of volunteers.

Amy Rutledge, Co-Chair

Amy Rutledge


Laura Dinsmoor, Co-Chair

Laura Dinsmoor


Laura Phillips, Communications and Marketing

Laura Phillips

Communications and Marketing

Arnaud Crowther, Website Developer

Arnaud Crowther

Website Developer

Lori Dorko, Student Org Adviser

Lori Dorko

Student Org Adviser

Jennifer Coon, Labs

Jennifer Coon


Shaun Moore, Video and Production

Shaun Moore

Video and Production

George Preisinger, Video and Production

George Preisinger

Video and Production

Shannan McNair, Program

Shannan McNair


Rachel Smydra, Labs

Rachel Smydra


Brittani Hobbs, Registration

Brittani Hobbs


Yoel Joa, Registration

Yoel Joa


Haroldeane Perzyk, Program

Haroldeane Perzyk


Neal Ruhl, Emcee

Neal Ruhl


Travis Noon, Student Org President

Travis Noon

Student Org President

Not shown:

Kristy Mitchell / Sponsorship
Christine Divito / Program
Jason VanBuskirk / Event Management
Jason Marconi / Design/Stage Design
Jeremy Barnett / Design/Stage Design
Chris O’Meara / Design/Stage Design – Lighting
Theawiana English / Hospitality/Food
Amy Tuckfield / Registration
Charlie Rinehart / Speaker Coach