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Shipping Truck – How Much Does It Cost To Ship Your Vehicle?

If you plan on moving across the country, your car shouldn’t be far behind in making the move. Thankfully for you, there are many shipping truck companies out there that specialize in transporting vehicles from Point A to Point B. The only question is, which one do you choose?

Before we answer the question, let us first give you some information about the rates. How much does it cost to have your car shipped? If it’s a sedan, it can cost $600 to $1,000 and if it’s an SUV, small van or truck, it will cost you $800 to $1,070, that is, if you are moving from California to New York. How much you actually pay really depends on when you ship. If it’s in the summer, you are going to pay more because it is peak season. Conversely, if you ship in winter you are going to pay less.

Also, it matters if you are going to have your car shipped in open space stacked with other cars, or if it is going to be shipped in an enclosed box. Another factor that will affect the shipping price is the drop off point. Door to door drop-offs cost more than terminal-to-terminal drop offs.

In any case, if you need to have your car shipped, it is always a good idea to know what your options are and get a quote from at least three different shipping companies. What you want to do is to compare the different shippers based on the following criteria:

Insurance – While all shipping companies are required to have insurance, the amount that they take out on each vehicle they handle differs. Definitely, you will want to know how much your car will be insured for.

Reliability – In our opinion, the price should not be the only thing you consider when choosing a shipping company. Reliability of service should be uppermost in your mind. Reliability means your car arrives intact without any scratches and nothing stolen. While everyone claims to offer reliable service, only few actually do. And so it goes, before entrusting your car to anyone, make sure that you go out and do research on which ones are the most reliable as judged by the customers themselves. Go to websites like Yelp and find highly-rated truck shippers.

Even if you are truly pressed for cash, you shouldn’t just settle for the cheapest company, unless you are absolutely sure they have insurance and will bring your car to its destination intact and scratch-free.

As we said before, you should get a quote from at least three shipping companies. You can easily do that with websites that offer price comparisons. Again, make sure that the company you choose has a good reputation for driving vehicles to their destinations on time and scratch-free and intact.

Choosing a truck shipping company is not rocket science, however, you do have to be careful because there are many scammers out there.

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