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Here's a short video inspired by the #worldcup and the first few days of #summer! Enjoy.

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Hundreds of photos from #TEDxOaklandUniversity 2014 have already been added to our flickr account. Check them out!…

Thanks to @TEDxOaklandU for inviting us to your awesome event, we had a great time telling everyone about Camp Casey! #childhoodcancer Retweeted by TEDxOaklandU

A HUGE thanks goes out to all the organizers, presenters, and attendees of the first ever #TEDxOaklandUniversity. Our success is collective!

Laura and Amy giving closing remarks to wrap up a very insightful and successful first ever #TEDxOaklandUniversity

Now showing Juan Enriquez: Your Online Life; Permanent as a Tattoo… #TEDxOaklandUniversity

Stamps conclude with "History. It's history. You can either preserve it or lose it." #TEDxOaklandUniversity

"It's the present that sometimes comes in conflict with the past"- Dr. Richard Stamps

"History is creating in things we create. It's what we surround ourselves with." - Richard Stamps

Our final speaker for the event is OU Professor Emeritus Richard Stamps. He recently retired from OU #TEDxOaklandUniversity

@magiceldridge Practicing education through digital mediums and a "teacher as facilitator" role promotes a more productive, niche learning.

"The internet continues to pervade the classroom"- @magiceldridge

@magiceldridge discussing the power of the internet, online learning, and connecting the world.

Eldridge Alexander, Support Engineer @ Google, will now talk to us about how digital learning is shaping the future. #TEDxOaklandUniversity

@CharlieCurve says try to kill the ampersand along with the elevator pitch fallacy. #TEDxOaklandUniversity

Charlie Wollborg is talking about the power of words, being ahead of the curve, to be innovative #TEDxOaklandUniversity

"How do we stand out from that 'shiny object syndrome' that we have today?"-@CharlieCurve


"Human beings are works in progress that mistakenly think they're finished."

Why aren't we more compassionate? A thought-provoking answer:

What makes you feel good about your work? The scientific answer:

"Our brains evolved for a very different world." Why we make bad decisions:

The two mistakes we all make when we try to make a decision:

"Our default wiring is to help. The question is, why don't we?" A fascinating talk on compassion:

Why hard work is more satisfying:

"We're hurrying through our lives. We're living the fast life, instead of the good life."

3 types of motivation that drive creative work (and why money isn't one of them):

"We live in a world stuck in fast-forward." Why we need to slow down:

Skip cable news: A better source of Ebola information

How the languages we speak can affect the way we think:

20 Most Popular TED Talks of All Time:

Ever think your memory is a mysterious, fickle beast? 7 #TEDTalks on how memory works:

Why you never have to stop loving LEGO, no matter your age:

"The laws are ours, and no matter what your ethnicity, nationality, gender, race, they belong to us."

Neil Gaiman reimagines Hansel & Gretel in a haunting story with an unexpected inspiration:

How Facebook designed the "like" button, and why such tiny details matter:

"The media have to decide: Do they see their role as being to inflame or to inform?"

Great science fiction writers don't just imagine the future, they shape it:



Today is our fundraiser at Buffalo Wild Wings (11am - 2am). Come out and support the TEDxOaklandUniversity student organization! Below are the flyers you will need to bring in order to have twenty percent of the proceeds go towards the student org. Please share them with friends and family. Here is a link to the event page where you can RSVP and find more information about our goals this semester: We hope to see you there! Thank you for your help! ... See MoreSee Less

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A HUGE thanks goes out to all the organizers, presenters, and attendees of the first ever #TEDxOaklandUniversity! The immense success of the event is shared by all parties, and would not have been possible without the contributions of everyone involved. We look forward, with eager and hungry minds, to next year's event, which will undoubtedly be bigger and better. Thanks again to everyone for leaving such a sweet taste in our (mind)mouths! ... See MoreSee Less

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